Unified Collection Network

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toll free: (866) 955-9034
Toll Free Fax: (877) 403-4171


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"UCN has been an integral part of our national recovery efforts for Greater California Financial Services and has always generated consistent returns and reliable reporting" -Tim Novak, President and CEO, The Paper Hunter representing Greater California Financial Services, Inc.

"…I just wanted to take a moment and acknowledge your efforts.  Your recoveries have been consistently at the top of our agencies month after month since we started this project.”  … “It’s nice to see that you have really pulled this network together.”  -James Helterbrand, Director of Outsourcing, Check$mart.

"…I believe that you very accurately depict how this network is run.  You were very up front that members have to work hard for success.  I believe that no one should start any kind of business if they are not willing to work hard to make it successful.  Membership in this network has so many advantages, but the biggest advantage is that combined with my collection abilities and my determination, I have a much better chance of achieving my objectives."   -David Duckworth, President and CEO, The Novarus Group


Our Agency Members:

   Are typically self-motivated, seasoned collection professionals

   Have many years of agency management experience

   Are often new Agencies

   Utilize a number of Collection Tools necessary to run a successful agency

   May also be Debt Buyers who are looking for Software to Utilize

Our Dialer Members:   ******ALL NEW*****

   Did you know that we are the only authorized reseller of LiveVOX services?

      Members gain access to this robust dialing system through network membership

      Very affordable for smaller organizations!!! 

      Built-in tech support

      Please feel free to call and inquire

      Includes HCI (Human Call Initiator), Preview Dialing, Quick Connect, and more

Non-Members are Welcome too:   ******ALL NEW*****


   Just looking for an affordable all-inclusive Debt Collection solution?

      Fast, efficient, affordable setup includes the entire package or a la carte services

Our Clients (Lenders and Debt Buyers) Require

   Debt Collection Services

   High Levels of Data Security

   Strict Compliance Standards

   Convenient Centralized Management

      Payment Processing



   Good, Consistent Recoveries


Ideal for the Smaller (even Start-up) Agencies

   Membership Has It's Privileges

      Access to Secure, Hosted Collection Software

      Access to Your Own Integrated Dialer

      Access to Tech Support Services

      Access to Credit Card, ACH, MoneyGram and Centralized Payment Processing

      Access to Batch Skip Tracing

   Collection Accounts Provided

      Average 2 Months from Default



Our Network Concept is really pretty simple

  Unified Collection Network simply manages the flow of accounts

   Members pay a regular, monthly membership fee for a complete package

   Clients have access to a variety of collection agencies


We stress the importance of building a good foundation and encourage our Agency Members to dutifully commit their knowledge and expertise to the development and advancement of their own businesses, and, in return, we will provide them with the tools to help them achieve success on accounts provided by our clients. It's a Win-Win-Win scenario. 


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