Richard L. Shell
Unified Collection Network Founder
President and CEO

Like many who find themselves in this industry, Rick Shell accepted a “temporary” job more than 20 years ago in the collection industry fresh out of college to just pay the bills, but realized that he had tremendous prowess as a debt collector, manager, and motivator.

After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice at the Ohio State University in 1987, Rick accepted a position in debt collections with GC Services in San Diego, CA, and within a few years became the GM for the Columbus, OH branch of NCO Financial Systems, Inc servicing Discover Card Financial Services for 11 years.

Rick has always had a special interest in helping debt collectors and debt buyers learn the business, and grow profitable operations. He understands the level of knowledge needed to be successful and shares his expertise with audiences as a national speaker and industry trainer. Anyone who knows him would attribute his success to a strong Christian faith, integrity, hard work, and an intense drive to succeed at whatever endeavor he may be involved with.

A proponent of the FDCPA and what it stands for, Rick believes that there is a right way and a wrong way to be successful in this industry, and too many operations take the wrong path because they find it too difficult to do things the right way, or they simply don’t know how to be successful doing these things properly.