Unified Collection Network

office: (614) 410-9844
toll free: (866) 955-9034
Toll Free Fax: (877) 403-4171

Care to Join Us? We try to make it easy for you...
  1. Download thisQuestionnaire and fax the completed form to (877) 403-4171.  This will enable us to set your agency up properly, and initiate your background check.
  2. Take (and pass) ourFDCPA test. We require a 100% before your seat license can be activated.    It's kind of a pain, but it helps us assure our clients that you know what you're doing.
  3. Start working on securing Errors and Omission Insurance and any licenses that you may need. 
  4. Call us with questions, or send comments below.


"…for less than the cost of a full-time employee, I can't believe how much a member has access to in the UCN Network.  Simply said, this is ideal for any smaller agency that struggles with balancing the amount of time needed for collection work and time needed for administrative issues."  Robert Irizarry, President & CEO of RKD Acquisitions, Inc.


Agency Members join this network for a number of reasons, but the four most notable are:

   1.  To gain access to what otherwise would be very expensive tools of the trade.

   2.  To utilize the administrative and technical support that is part of their standard membership, enabling them to focus on bringing in revenue.

   3.  Because each member believes that they gain strength by joining others, yet each can still grow their businesses at their own pace.

   4.  To gain access to a steady flow of good, fresh accounts, which is a crucial element in promoting the success of any collection agency.



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